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  1. Faster and easier engine cranking in cold weather which helps save fuel

  2. Helps reduce engine wear with easy flow of engine oil

  3. Immediate engine oil pressure

  4. Easily installs in minutes "peel & stick" no tools needed

  5. The pad can be applied in any ambient temperature

  6. Most efficient means of heat transfer available

  7. No cutting hoses, removing frost plugs, or loss of anti-freeze

  8. Heats 6 quarts (5 liters) of oil from -40F to +60F (-30C to +20C) in less than 2 hours (based on 350 Chevy V8 & Model 512)

  9. Each model is thermally balanced to meet your requirements

  10. No danger of oil carbonization

  11. Permanent, once applied, unit need not be removed

  12. Proven in arctic conditions since 1992

  13. Applications include automotive, industrial and agricultural

  14. May be used on oil pans, hydraulic reservoirs and diesel tanks

  15. Each model comes complete with all installation materials

  16. Best warranty in the business - 2 Years!

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