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Proheat Heavy Duty Fluid Reservoir Heater Model 1325 500 Watts, 2.27 Amp, 220 Volt, w/6'cord. There is no plug end so that you can attach whichever end your country uses.  Ideal for Oil Pans from 3 to 6 Gallons of Lube (12 to 25 Litres) and from 20 to 50 Gallons of Hydraulic Oil 7 X 5 X .08"

Model 1325 220 VOLT (NO PLUG END)

  • Engine w/3-6 gallons                     -Oil

    Tank w/40-60 gallons                   -Diesel

    Tank w/20-50 gallons                   -Hydraulics

    Tank w/50-100 gallons                -Water

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